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What is magic?

Magic is energy and spirituality, they are everywhere. However, shows that spiritually inclined people rather magical oriente scenarios and practice magic to transform energy and inflict other purposes. Even old emperor, nobles, warriors and politicians shaven universal forces in the rituals, but to achieve the seemingly impossible "miracle."


Elements of Magic


In magic, the elements of earth, water, fire and air are used. They can not be found on any periodic table, because their nature is spiritual and not chemically.

Earth, water, fire, air


Nothing is impossible!


Have you not often wondered why there are people who have one success after another, why do you not you, but even though you do everything for your success? Why go for no reason apart from one day to love relationships? I could still bring many examples .... voodoo magic can be one of the reasons. Do you accept everything as you have done it for years? You are responsible for your fate, it'll now let you into the hand of a helping hand. You will see and be surprised like voodoo, with its mysterious rituals of today can change your life overnight.



2 Voodoo Priests for your

" Voodoo Spell "

Double Spiritual Power


One Price for 2 priests

Spells / Rituals from 90,00 €

Language: English - German - Spanish - African


Phone Europe: + 34 666 764 647

( Mo, Thu, Fr 2pm-8pm )

Phone Africa:  +220 7418736


Following Voodoo rituals we can offer you:

WHITE magic - BLACK magic

  •  Candles - Herbs and bone rituals (white & black magic)



  • Voodoo dolls magic (white & black magic)


  • Pupper (voodoo doll made ​​of wax or clay original faithfully reproduced the person)


  • Animal Sacrifice (Tierofper - extremely strong African black magic)


  • Water rituals (energy - spiritual - white magic)


  • In cooperation with other African voodoo priests also Qur'an Magic


  • Living space interference (Energetically - Spiritual - electric sensor - rod - white magic)


  • Establishment of personal Amulets & Talismans


  • oracle



Your ritual you can:

  • Experience LIVE in European Voodoo Temple - Spain or in Africa


  • Perform your Magicspell via distance  ( also via  webcam)!


  • Housecleansing is only LOCAL in europe possible!

What areas of life you can cover with voodoo magic?

Partners / love spells - money / success / happiness Magic - contract / legal matters - family / child / animal rituals - Protection Magic - Spiritual Healing - Exorxismus - Curse resolution - Energetic house cleaning, Spiritual House Cleaning - black magic - Special Magic - oracle - amulets / good luck charmstter with a progressive process.

Your advantages:

  • Two priests - one price

  • Double Spirituality - Twice The Power

  • Live  and distance rituals in Europe or Africa

  • Dolls - Herbs - Candle - Koran Magic - Animal Sacrifice (animal sacrifice ritual)

2 priests carry out your partner return joining forces - Get your ex back now easy and just write us an email to info@voodootemple.com

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